Description/notes on Brenda Stumpf's piece titled Numbers:
Watercolor, charcoal and plaster on paper

Germany was, as Henri Boguet said, "Almost entirely occupied with building fires (for witches)." One-thousand died at Como, 5,000 burned in Strasbourg, and The Senate of Savoy condemned 800 accused witches at one time. Thirtythousand were executed in the 15th century. Eight-hundred were sentenced by Nicholas Remy, 600 died by the sentencing from a bishop of Bamberg, 800 by a bishop of Nancy, and 1900 by a bishop of Wurtzburg. Five-hundred were executed within 3 months at Geneva, 400 in a single day at Toulouse, 7,000 burned at Treves, and 20,000 sentenced by the Lutheran prelate Benedict Carpzov. In England, between 1542 and 1736, 30,000 accused witches were killed.

-- Walker, Barbara G., The Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, HarperCollins, San Francisco, 1983. Page 444.


from The Inquisition, released October 31, 2019


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PatternBased explores sound, imagery, movement, code and other forms. Part record label, part production house, occasional unique events. PatternBased is a champion for creatives worldwide.

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