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from The Dark Ages by Joseph Minadeo



Description/notes on Brenda Stumpf's piece titled Invitation:
Watercolor, charcoal and plaster on paper

It was the lower parts of society whom Christians invited into their ranks. Celsus said "Whoever is a sinner or unintelligent, or a fool, in a word, whoever is god – forsaken, him the Kingdom of God will receive. Now whom do you mean by the sinner but the wicked: thief, housebreaker, poisoner, temple robber, and grave robber? Jesus, they say, was sent to save sinners; was he not sent to help those who have kept themselves free from sin? They pretend that God will save the unjust man if he repents and humbles himself. The just man who has held steadily from the cradle in the ways of virtue he will not look upon."

-- Walker, Barbara G., The Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, HarperCollins, San Francisco, 1983. Page 209.


from The Dark Ages, released October 30, 2019


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PatternBased Akron, Ohio

PatternBased explores sound, imagery, movement, code and other forms. Label - Production House - Occasional Unique Events. With varying degrees of failure and success, PatternBased attempts to be a champion for creatives worldwide.

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